CUSTOM sublimation print 8.5x11
CUSTOM sublimation print 8.5x11
Bless Your Heart Studio

CUSTOM sublimation print 8.5x11

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8.5 x 11" Print (actual design area 7.5 x 10") on high quality Sublimation Paper.


1) Email to jessATblessyourheartstudioDOTcom. Tell us the NUMBER of prints needed & the actual size of your image.


2) Send your image as a high quality PDF or JPEG file sized up to 8.5 x 11". What you send is what will print-- we DO NOT do any design editing or adjustments! If you need some design clean-up or editing, we can put you in touch with digital designers who can help you fine tune your image.


3) Expect a 2-3 day turnaround for prints. If we have to send back your file for further changes, it can delay printing.


We look forward to printing Sublimation prints for you!

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